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Termite Control in Plant City & all of Florida

Save your building and belongings from gnawing termites by calling R&O Premier Pest Control. We offer termite control in Plant City & all of Florida. We offer both one-time termite removal services, as well as yearly protection plans for homes and businesses. In addition to termite extermination, our licensed technicians also offer solutions for ants and other common pests.

Package Services Available for Termite Extermination

Defend your property from termites year-round with our annual termite extermination packages. We offer yearly liquid protection plans, yearly termite warranty programs, and yearly termite baiting systems. Learn more about our protection plans and package deals by calling us. Our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to discuss our termite control services in-depth with you. 

Signs You Need Termite Removal

Remove termites from your property before massive damage is dealt to your home or business. By watching for common signs of termite infestations, you can avoid further harm to your building. You may see the winged adult termites swarming in the spring or autumn. Other signs of their presence include pencil-size mud tubes constructed over the surface of your foundation walls or mud protruding from cracks between boards and beams. There are also less obvious signs that you need terminate removal. For example, infested wood may sound hollow when tapped. You may also notice that infested wood is unusually soft when proved with a knife.  

If you suspect that you have a termite infestation, contact our experts as soon as possible to arrange a thorough termite inspection.

Termite Inspections by Our Experts

In order to determine the best method of termite removal, we must first find the source of the infestation and identify the type of bug. There are several different kinds of termites found in our state. Since there is no one-size-fits-all termite control method, it is important to understand exactly what kind of infestation we are dealing with. During our free termite inspection, our technicians identify the species of termite and the extent of the infestation, while also taking the construction of your building into careful consideration.

These three factors help us choose the most effective techniques and products to control your pest problem. Once the inspection is complete, we will present you with our findings and the plan we have formulated to extinguish the termites and prevent them from returning.

Contact our termite control company to schedule an inspection of your property by one of our experts. We are proud to serve residential and commercial clients in Plant City and all of Florida.

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