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The inside of your home is a sacred place, but when pests slink their way in, you feel violated. Indoor pests can leave their shedded skins, eggs, and feces in your home causing you and your loved ones allergies and other health issues. Loved pets who don’t know any better can try to eat invaders and become sick or injured as a result. R&O Pest Control’s experience with indoor pest control can assist you with getting rid of these beasts and keeping them out for good.

Inside your home R&O Pest Control will mindfully and respectfully inspect your property to make and enact a plan of attack. Our pest control professionals treat the common and hidden spots that only experience can grant us knowledge of. Baits are set up to attract and kill the pests that show up after R&O Pest Control leaves to finish the job. After you experience R&O Pest Control treatment you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner!

Pest control handles the following pests that may reside outside of your home: ants, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, beetles, gnats, stinging insects, stink bugs, and rodents. R&O Pest Control understands that an outdoor problem is simply an indoor problem waiting to happen, so we take your outdoor pests seriously. We want you to get back to feeling safe going in and out of your home, so R&O Pest Control comes over to get the job done quickly and effectively.

The name termite comes from the Latin word termite which means ‘woodworm’ which makes sense when you realize that they look like a bit like worms and eat wood. Whether we like it or not termites are an important part of the ecosystem because termites break down wood and foliage. When they get into homes and break down the wood that we are still using to hold up our homes, things go downhill pretty quickly: termites produce over $5 billion in damage to Americans annually.

Once termites get into your home they eat away at every piece of wood all day and all night. Most of the time, people do not notice the termites until the damage is severe and at that point there can be thousands of termites and hundred of colonies feeling very thankful for the feast you have provided for them.

R&O Pest Control’s solution is to stop the problem before it begins and to minimize damage if it is already happening. Our protective services will keep the termites from ever getting too far. Our treatment services reach the places that termites are most likely attacking, inside and out. Outside, we get rid of the things that make your home an attractive location for termites, like dead tree stumps and use exterior sprays to kill termites, as needed. Inside we hit the crevices they use to get in and check out the places they usually call home, crawl spaces and basements. Termites can be a nightmare, but R&O Pest Control will scare them away and keep them out of your space.

The weather and environmental conditions that make Florida a unique and diverse environment don’t exactly make it easy for your lawn to live up to its fullest potential without some help. The weather can go from severe downpours to blazing sunshine in a matter of minutes and bug season, as you probably know, lasts for most of the year. The soil is sandy, the fire ants are ruthless, and store bought fertilizers can deliver nutrient overdose without meeting the deficiencies your extraordinary lawn experiences.

Florida’s sandy soils need more maintenance to grow healthy plants. Being sandy, it does a bad job of retaining water and nutrients which can leave your lawn thirsty and weak. Soil is a major source of nutrients that plants need to grow. The three main nutrients plants need are, nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen is a crucial factor in plant growth, phosphorus helps plants turn sunlight into energy, and potassium increases the overall durability of plants by helping them resist disease and also allows plants to form sugars, starches, and oils. R&O’s Lawn Experts know how to assess the nutrient profile of your lawn to provide you with the fertilizer blend that will satisfy your yards needs.