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Rat Control in Plant City & all of Florida

Defend your property from uninvited rats and mice by giving the experts at R&O Premier Pest Control a call. We offer mice and rat control in Plant City & all of Florida, for residential and commercial clients alike. As part of our safe rodent services, our fully licensed and insured company only utilizes humane methods to trap the critters who have invaded your home or business. We then carefully release them somewhere far away.

There are many signs that your property may require mouse or rat trapping. Many clients report hearing the nocturnal rodents at night or finding their feces. Other customers called us in after seeing one scurry across the room. If you discover one mouse or rat, it is likely that many more are lurking unseen in the crevices of your building. Even though they often live for less than a year, they can breed in large quantities. Get rid of your rodent infestation by hiring our specialists for thorough rat and mice removal. 

The Importance of Mice and Rat Trapping

Having rats and mice in your home is not only bad for your image, but can also be quite dangerous for your property and the people who reside in it. If you do not call in an expert to perform rat and mice trapping services, they will soon multiply and run rampant. Rats and mice chew on your wires, which damages your belongings and can become a fire hazard. They eat your food and contaminate far more than they devoir, often spreading diseases that humans and pets can contract. Disease-ridden droppings can be found everywhere they roam. In addition to illnesses, they also bring fleas and ticks into your property.

Prevent these consequences and other from occurring by contacting us for mice and rat trapping services. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are highly effective at safely trapping small rodents without causing damage to your property.

Rat and Mice Removal That Lasts

Simply removing trapped rodents is not enough to keep your property safe for long. In addition to our regular rat and mice removal services, we also offer preventive measures. Stopping rats and mice from entering your home or business is a process. Both of them are capable squeezing through tiny openings and cracks that are a fraction of their size. 

Our prevention measures include sealing any holes that are larger in diameter than a pencil. We also inspect the drainage near your foundation and recommend installing gutters that channel water away from the building, since a water-worn foundation can quickly gain cracks that invite rodents inside. For more information on mice and rat control and prevention, reach out to our helpful technicians.

Contact our company to learn more about our humane mice and rat control methods. We are proud to serve homes and businesses in Plant City and all of Florida.

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