Lawn Spraying

The weather and environmental conditions that make Florida a unique and diverse environment don’t exactly make it easy for your lawn to live up to its fullest potential without some help. The weather can go from severe downpours to blazing sunshine in a matter of minutes and bug season, as you probably know, lasts for most of the year. The soil is sandy, the fire ants are ruthless, and store bought fertilizers can deliver nutrient overdose without meeting the deficiencies your extraordinary lawn experiences.

Florida’s sandy soils need more maintenance to grow healthy plants. Being sandy, it does a bad job of retaining water and nutrients which can leave your lawn thirsty and weak. Soil is a major source of nutrients that plants need to grow. The three main nutrients plants need are, nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen is a crucial factor in plant growth, phosphorus helps plants turn sunlight into energy, and potassium increases the overall durability of plants by helping them resist disease and also allows plants to form sugars, starches, and oils. R&O’s Lawn Experts know how to assess the nutrient profile of your lawn to provide you with the fertilizer blend that will satisfy your yards needs.