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Bee and Wasp Control in Plant City & all of Florida

Stop stinging insects from taking over your property by giving R&O Premier Pest Control a call. We offer environmentally friendly bee and wasp control in Plant City & all of Florida. Removing bees and wasps safely is difficult without the proper equipment and knowledge. Don't put yourself at risk of being stung; let our professional bee exterminator and wasp exterminator teams handle the hive. With more than 25 years of combined experience in a diverse array of pest control services, you can count on our bee and wasp control experts to completely remove the insects from your residential or commercial properly without causing any harm to the local environment. 24-hour services are available in order to process your pest control request swiftly. All of our technicians are licensed and always followed state-approved guidelines for extermination.

When you have bees and wasps flying around your building and making themselves at home, no one else can get comfortable. Not only are bee and wasp stings painful, but also some people may even experience a severe allergic reaction. Protect your loved ones, visitors, and clients by hiring our technicians for bee control or wasp control as soon as possible. 

Safe Bee Control by Trained Specialists

While bees are very helpful with pollination, that doesn't mean they are always welcome at your home or business. If you spot even just a few bees flying around your property, it likely indicates that a hive containing hundreds or even thousands of the bugs is nearby. In order to completely get rid of the insects, our bee control specialists must locate the hive and carefully remove it from your property.

Bees can form hives in a number of different places at your home or business. Our exterminators have traced bees to trees, bushes, walls, roofs, chimneys, and even meter boxes. Once our bee control team has found all the local hives, we work with caution to remove the hive without overly aggravating the bees.

It is essential to remove both the bees and their hives. If the hive is left behind, it may attract rodents, other insects, or even new bees to the area. Learn more about our safe bee and hive removal process by contacting us.

Protect Your Property with Wasp Control

Avoid being stung by aggressive wasps by calling in our wasp control team. Like bees, wasps help with local pollination. Unlike bees, wasps are prone to attacking humans unprovoked. We exercise caution to remove these hazardous insects from your home or business and prevent them from coming back. 

Contact our exterminator to schedule an appointment with our bee and wasp control team. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Plant City and all of Florida.

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