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Ant Control in Plant City & all of Florida

Ants are harmful for both your property and the people who reside there. Spare yourself from itchy, painful bites by hiring R&O Premier Pest Control whenever you need an ant exterminator. We provide ant control in Plant City & all of Florida. Our employees have the skills, tools, and materials needs to provide a number of different ant control services, including carpenter and fire ant removal. We also exterminate termites and other insects. Even impeccably clean properties can suffer from ant control issues throughout the year since it does not take much food to attract a colony of ants. Most often, ant issues are on-going problems that require the help of a professional ant exterminator. While most ants are not necessarily dangerous, their bites are annoying, they can contaminate you food, and they can even spread diseases just by walking around you building. Call our ant control technicians to remove these nuisances from your home by identifying the species, locating their source, and applying the appropriate pesticide.

Fire Ant Removal Available

Although most ants are merely a nuisance, some are more hazardous than others. In particular, fire ants are common and can be difficult to kill. We offer fire ant removal using pesticides and techniques that are highly effective and safe for humans. Don't allow these aggressive insects to invade your home or business. Give us a call and we will exterminate your fire ants in no time.

Why You Need an Ant Exterminator

All ants, regardless of their species, are highly invasive insects that can be difficult to eliminate without the proper ant control techniques. They will travel as far as they possibly can to obtain nourishment for their fellow colony members. If ants sense food in your property, they will not stop looking for ways to slip inside. The ants squeeze through tiny cracks in your walls, window sills, and doors to search for food. Once a single ant finds food, it emits pheromones that mark the food's location and attracts additional ants. Ants also release the same pheromones when they are attacked, so if you swat a few stray ants, you may inadvertently attract more of the insects.

An ant exterminator has the correct skills and pesticides to remove the ants from your property without bringing more in. Our ant control specialists can even dissuade the pests from returning in the future. The pesticides we use are both eco-friendly and effective, so you do not have to worry about the health of your loved ones or the nearby environment when we visit.

Contact our ant control exterminators for help removing the invading insects. We are proud to serve residential and commercial clients in Plant City and all of Florida.

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